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    Hello, I apologize if this was asked already, but I couldnt find an answer to my specific question. That being said, here it goes:

    I despise calling and listenting to Voicemails. So when I heard about the Google Voice texting your Voicemail to you, I thought my dreams have come true. However, the texts I am getting are very far from what the caller is trying to say ( I know that it wont always be perfect, but sometimes I dont even see how Google thinks they are saying certain words). Anyway, is there another client that would do this better than google? And is there any proof that its better?
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    search youview app in forums using youmail service. It costs a little $$$ and is 1000000 X better at transcriptions than google.

    One thing I always did was donate my messed up goolge transcriptions to google so they can fix there system( go to google voice on PC) and you will see option to vote good or bad transcription and if you vote badm you can give to google to enhance there service.
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    Youmails transcription is an absolute joke based on my experiance with the free trial
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