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    I guess I should have said that I am experiencing this issue with Hotmail. Well any mail really so far, it shows there is an attachement...but I can never view it nor is there anywhere to click to view it (picture for example)

    So if I log in from a PC, I can go to that message, the picture is there. I open it on my Pre, no picture, it says there is an attachement...but it does not show up like the ones I have in other emails with pictures in them.
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    When I write an email on my Palm Pre Plus thru, it does not save a copy to Sent Items, even thugh that is the default choice in preferences. The mail is sent fine, but no copy. It isn't there when I log into AOL on my computer either. help?
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    Yea I wish they'd fix this glitch, but it was a software update they did on their end. It made outlook not show sent items too. I decided to stop using outlook for my aol email and just use instead on the pc now. I use this for work so I like having the pre's email so it notifies me of new emails...but lately its also been stating I have 1 email new but there is no email listed new. Only resolution is to delete the account and put it back on so far.
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