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    I seem to be having this issue since

    I start loosing charging while I am using Sprint Navigation or on a call. It starts out ok but it seems that after 30 - 60 minutes it starts to loose battery and never can recover until I stop navigation.

    I also notice that the phone gets very hot when this happens

    Charges fine when not running any apps.

    Trouble shooting steps:
    1. Happens with Touchstone and plugged directly into phone
    2. I am using geniune Palm car charger and cable
    3. Reboot - no effect
    4. Happens in both of my cars
    5. Happens on 2 different palm car charges and cables

    Has anyone else experienced this and any recommendations?
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    its normal with navigation to use more power than can be supplied.. esp with a poor sat signal, it has to work to hard.
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    If you are using navigation for over an hour. I would try using it, turning it off and letting it charge and then turning it back on. They key is turn it off on the highway and turing it on when you are about to hit the city with many different turns and directions.
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    Are you using the palm car charger or the one sprint sells?
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    I am using the palm car charger bought from Pre central

    This worked perfectly before I wonder if palm changed something during this release.

    I am in sales and drive every week 4+ hours at a time. I like to have nav running to show my ETA and track traffic ect

    I wonder if 1.4 will fix or a different car charger?

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