Pre Pals:

I have made a few posts on the forums regarding information on Pre and Datebk6, syncing etc. I am glad to share my happy experience so far, having owned the phone now for a few days, and using it all day at work today.

I love the Pre. I had a Centro, which despite its less polished but very stable and accomplished Palm OS, was a terrific work horse and did most everything I needed. I really use the phone, contacts, and fabulous Datebk6 calendar. Most other functions such as internet, sms, music, etc. are less important. All other calendars I have looked at such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc. do not meet my needs nearly as well as Datebk6 from the old Palm OS. So, the thought that I could possibly run it in Classic, and sync it was a significant issue for me.

Turns out that this works very well for me. I have my email through Gmail in the cloud now, as well as my contacts and Google calendar. I use Datebk6 through Classic, and it really does run just fine. I had no problem bringing the old data in from my centro calendar. It is not quite as easy to use it without a stylus as it is on the centro, but the reverse pinch gesture expands it if I need to push a button that I just can't quite get with my finger. I only have to do that once in a while. Apparently alarms don't work well, but I don't use them. I really use the colors and icons, and particularly use the templates. That is the deal breaker for me, and it works great. I then sync to my Mac using Missing Sync for Palm OS installed in Classic over wifi, and no problems. I then have it sync from iCal to Google Calendar, and then back to the phone, so if I want to use the native WebOS calendar to look at things, I can. I have my wife's calendar to view that way also, a limitation of Datebk6.

I leave Classic up and running in a card with Datebk6 up all day, and it is always ready for me. So, in short, I am delighted that this works the way I need it to, because that was one of the main possible impediments to me accepting the Pre.

Figured I would post this so that if somebody is searching the forums about this, my post would come up. Thanks to all on the forums who helped answer questions for me to get me to this happy place now of having a true Palm PIM that works the way I want it to. Hopefully someday the WebOS native calendar will be much more feature rich than it is now, or aftermarket products will fill the void. For now this works just great.