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    I have been a palm user now for close to 5yrs with the palm treo 650 being my first palm device. I have been pateintly waiting for the palm pre to come to verizons network and got it the very first day it was avaliable and have been very happy with it.

    On my last phone the 755p, the google maps feature on the phone was very handy. I could pull up the location I was looking for then in about one second flat load that location into my contacts with the address, phone number, and even the url if they had one.

    I was curious if this feature is avaliable for the palm pre plus at all as I have not been able to find it. I ahve looked through forums for this question and havent found it. If there is one I apologize for bringing it up again.
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    No direct way, but a little creative copy/paste gets you pretty close. I just posted this suggestion a week ago:

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