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    im new to this forum and a new owner of a verizon plam pre plus. my questions are.. is there any difference between sprint and verizon? can i put preware on my verizon palm? and if i can put preware on it to change my themes and patches should i wait til after the new update is in place? i am some what computer literate but i dont what to mess up my new palm pre plus.

    i have been reading alot of post on this forum and there is alot of great info. thanks to all for your help and info and the work that has gone into themes and patches.
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    well the pre & the pre+ are basically the same except the + has more 2x ram 2x the memory. as for the preware, go ahead and install it. i have it on my pre+ & it works great. preware is what makes having a pre+ worth it. as for waiting for the update, i guess u could wait since it's supposed to come soon if u wanna be extra safe but you shouldn't have to due to AUPT. just do a quick forum search on everything
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    thx for the info streetskooler. i had the palm sprint for about 3 months and our company took them away cuz of the new law with texting and driving a commercial vehical. i did the theme and patches on it and when i turned it in i tried to take the theme and patches out and had issues. if i understood it right i need to take themes and patches out before i update, but i can leave preware on it. does this mean i have to keep track of what i put on it through preware or does it keep track of it for me?
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    each time you open preware it will have a list of what you have installed. Then, you can go into that list and uninstall each one individually, or use the EPR to uninstall every patch at once
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    thx gnr13 i guess im going to go forward with preware and see what happens. i did some reading on the new AUPT and it sounds like u dont have to remove patches before updates. im going to wait on that to see what people post after the update. thx again for all your helpfull info.
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    Verizon Pre Plus: Better keyboard and better multitasking than sprint's. I like that palm remove the front button.
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    Warning, if you use Preware you will not be able to go back.
    (using your will power)
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    preware on sprint, they will still warranty your phone. preware on verizon, your phone will be considered void sw altered. make sure you wipe your device before you bring it into a vzw store!
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    what do u mean by wipe your device. do i need to take everything out? including themes, patches, and preware? and also does anyone know if u do a full erase does that take care of everything (put your phone back to original condition)?
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    Doctoring it will probably wipe it
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    Some things may remain after you doctor it. I had the add remove launcher pages patch and I doctored last week and my 5 launcher pages remained. That must get saved in and restored from the backup.

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