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    yes u can download videos.

    i find that u can download from youtube, and also that when ur on the net any video that u can stream, u also r given the option to download.

    there is a patch in preware that allows this, ive had this feature since 1.3.1 n i didnt erase it when i went to 1.3.5, so it comes up as a default in my phone. if ud like to remove any patches u may do so using the usb drive.

    i hope that was of help
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    ive used this patch before and downloaded a video, and when that was complete , i went to my listing to watch the video again and it wasnt there
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    it does happen this way at times. I believe it's for videos that are in format that the pre doesn't run, however the videos I can find if you look in ur USB, And you should be able to view them there. If this is the casethan perhaps you nay look into converting the videos into a compatible video format for the pre. I'm sorry to say that i'm not aware for video converting systems. Although I suppose you could google it.

    I believe ur not seeing ur videoes on the pre, because thay are a incompatiable video format for the palm pre. Hope I was able to help.
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    Low quality YouTube videos are in FLV format.......Flash. We don't have that on the Pre yet. High quality videos are h.264, which the Pre does support. Right now, you'll need to download on your desktop computer, and use a conversion program like AVS Video Converter to turn the video into a supported format. That program has an iPod/iPhone preset, does all the work for you. There's an extension for FireFox (I forget what its called) that allows you to download the YouTube video to your hard drive. THEN put it on your phone to play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pre2010 View Post
    ok ok now I have it but does this take MO on my phone and how many?
    You don't have to worry about that, in the same section were you got the patch theres another patch called Swipe to Delete Videos. So now when you want to get rid of one just swipe and hit delete.
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    Someone will have this patch? agradecere your attention
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    Quote Originally Posted by joshua764 View Post
    Someone will have this patch? agradecere your attention
    Video Downloads - Preware Catalog
    Video Downloads - No Truncating - Preware Catalog
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    I tried to setup this pre3 patch without success. Is there any application to download the videos on youtube of pre3?

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    Preventive Hi. Do you any idea How runs this patch? Is because xml extension. I have read all the thread but without success

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    Ok ,maybe I'm wrong , my situation is this: I installed the patch but , if I open the app and I select a youtube video, the situaziome is shown in image1 I have no possibility to download.
    If I open a second card of the same video by clicking on link sharing (image2) , I open the video and the situation is image3, where there is at the top right icon download.
    Sorry for my English translator web.
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