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    I don't know what it can be but deff not a stupid fruit.
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    no. They already rock
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    The word palm all in lowercase kind of is the logo. The big orange circle with the palm was old. Now Palm is new improved and slimmed down.
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    Yep. Just because it's not a picture of something totally unrelated to the product doesn't mean its not a logo. I mean, Microsoft is just the word, slightly stylized.
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    A slogan for webOS would certainly do good too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShArK *** View Post
    Palm should make a logo. eh? I don't know what it can be but deff not a stupid fruit.
    Not sure what your talking about, logo is below:

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    Yep. It's cheaper for them to print letterhead and company stock in the one color. Palm is lean and mean, baby.

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