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    Hi. I just got my new Pre and I have no idea how to get my information on it. Currently, I sync my Centro using hotsync with my MS outlook. I don't use Palm Desktop. I tried to export program, but it says I have no data. I saw some 3rd party software outthere to sync, but is that the only way? Plus, I was hoping to get my conversaions and stuff off my Centro. I had to replace the centro and when i resync'd the new phone, it kept everything, ring tones and pictures and text msga all exactly the same.

    can I a) get my data from my Centro to the Pre and/or b) sync with MS Outlook (at work) atelast?


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    If you have an Exchange server at work (very likely if you have more than 20 people in your company) then you MAY be able to sync via Exchange ActiveSync (EAS). That is an over-the-Internet connection directly between your Pre and the email server. If anyone at your work has an iPhone with work email or a Windows Mobile Phone with access to work email, then your company is very likely ready for your Pre to connect.

    If you don't have an Exchange email server at work, things get a little tougher. To be honest, I'm not certain the best way to sync because I've never had to, but I know there is a way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ratchetjaw View Post
    Import your info into google, then sync it from there is a route also
    I went this route when I changed from my Centro to the Pre. It worked great.
    I now have the added benefit that my wife and I ( she got a Pre at the same time as me) can view each other's calendars.
    Also I have had no problems with the Palm Profile backup system because my contacts and calendars are on Google.
    This last actually scared a Sprint Tech when i had to replace my Pre due to a blown speaker because I only had one contact in the Profile. But that is another story.
    I hope you find a solution that you are happy with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ratchetjaw View Post
    Import your info into google, then sync it from there
    I'm going to agree with this's great to have that backup if anything happens to the device as well.
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    There's a piece of software called the MissingSync that may be what you're after.
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