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    Hello All..

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post, I am hoping someone here knows of a way to fix this problem. I am coming from a iPhone using Exchange sync. In my outlook I have multiple Outlook contacts group (3 actually). Is there a way to display these on the Pre? I have looked all over and I cant find anything. I only see the primary contacts folder. On the iPhone you can see all of the Contacts groups.

    Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!
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    Nope, there isn't a way to group contacts yet. This is an issue for many people, especially those who import all their facebook contacts. The best solution is just just import everyone, and use the search (just start typing) to find the contact you want.
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    Thanks for the response. I know the one Exec that is using this phone now isnt going to be happy about this, but like you said, I will recommend him just combining all one account, it will be A LOT of contacts but I guess thats all I can have him do for now.
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    just curious - what do you use the contact groups for? Is there a need to actually reference them individually? I'm just trying to understand the problem a bit better.

    As was mentioned earlier, you can just start typing the name and it will come up, instead of having to drill through contacts.... not sure if this makes it easier or harder for your needs....
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    Well its not for me, its for a executive that has his contacts separated into contact folders, for example a Contacts Group/Folder for Foreign Relations - Personal - Internal Programming Team - Regional Programming Team etc. These are just examples.

    I am not sure if he would want to combine all of the contacts in these groups into one and just search, personally I would do that, but again its not me using the device. :-)
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    This should help. There is not a way to import Outlook DL's and groupings, but if he is looking to create groups for DL's then "there's an app for that." It's called 'Mail Lists'. It's in the app catalog. Great little app for 2 or 3 bucks. You can create DL's for SMS and Email.

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