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    Hey everyone just thought I should introduce myself, I'm Geraldo, just got the Pre Plus on Verizon and am instantly hooked with WebOS and the device. Hopefully there are other Pre Plus owners out there. Came from Windows Mobile and never going back!
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    Welcome Geraldo, enjoy your stay.

    Here's a little welcome gift from us to you:
    (if you haven't checked it out already)
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    Welcome to the webOS club. I don't that that we qualify as a cult, yet. I got my pre plus a couple of weeks ago, but came from a feature phone. It is a world of difference.
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    I don't think you can see links with less than 10 posts. Here's the newbie thread: ""
    Also, Welcome and have fun
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    welcome I've been on for almost a month. Some trolls and haters lurk just like every forum but there have been alot of helpful people as well. I've had my pre for a month and its awesome.
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    Thanks everyone for welcoming me, now i just cant wait for WebOS 1.4!!! Will it be released at the same time as the Sprint's version of the Pre?

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