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    I have been a lurker for a couple months around this forum and finally decided to purchase a Pre!

    Well it arrived today and can't wait to leave the office to set it up.

    A quick question I do have is, is it safe to "re-download" all the songs I have purchased through sprint music store that have been saved in my contenet manager?

    Forgive me but I might be a regular for questions for some time! I have read and re read many threads relating to homebrew, apps...etc but stillvery confused as to how it all works.

    Thanks again for any tips
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    I apologize for all those who may get frustrated with a "noob" firing questions right away...
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    We can't tell you til you have ten posts. Sorry! =/
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    ^ lmao..

    Welcome, I do not know because i have side loaded all of my music using a USB Cord - selecting USB Drive (on the phone) -- and dragging my music into a folder (I created on my phone) which I intelligently called "Music" .. [end]
    Are bad people born that way? Or did something go terribly wrong?
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    I have no idea either. I have never downloaded any songs through Sprint, nor did I even know that was possible.

    If you have the files on your computer, drag and drop them onto the pre as stated above. For this, you need to plug in the pre to your computer, select USB drive when the options come up on your pre, then open the folder that is your pre drive. Drag and drop the music you want on the pre.

    Dont be hesitant to ask for help...theres plenty of people here just waiting to give their opinions/help.

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