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    I have got 4 questions, tried searching for it but cam e up with anyone please help me with the following....

    1) i installed a message patch- the smily one, where if you press the sym+k/z
    you get more smileys...but i dont get any..apart from the 3 already there...tried removing it and installing it again but still didnt work....where am i going wrong?....

    2) Ive got a theme called 'Alex's Red Theme' installed, and on the pictures shows some lovely emoticons which were added on v 3.0.0 if i remember correctly, how do i use these emoticons for this theme or any other theme?...

    3) im on my second pre...on my first one, my sim contacts came up without a problem when dialling or texting someone...but on this 2nd pre, i cant seem to view the contacts...anyone know how to view them?....i dont have a google, yahoo or anything else to get the contacts from...only place is the sim...

    4) my help videos have disappeared with an error sign...ive got the latest webos installed..any reason why that happened?...

    any help really appreciated....
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    can anyone not help me with these questions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by funkychick786 View Post
    can anyone not help me with these questions?
    To be honest, I think that majority of people aren't patching for the smileys or emoticons. A lot of people don't run themes either because they can get stuck and you can do most of what a theme does yourself without one. As for the videos, are they even accessible through USB? If so I would try pulling them off and then put them back there in a new video folder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by funkychick786 View Post
    can anyone not help me with these questions?
    It can be really tough to diagnose these kind of "random" issues. Either people have seen the problem and know the solution ... or they don't. All of these are somewhat outside of what I would consider the "mainstream" functions of WebOS ... nothing wrong with that, just makes it less likely that a lot of people will be able to help.

    Also, FWIW, specific titles with specific questions might help. There's hundreds of posts here every day, and I suspect most people can only skim a few titles. A generic "help!" plea may not get a lot of traffic.

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