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    the voiding of warranty sounds like a load of crap. The phone doesn't come with the battery installed. And the phone itself has a shut down/remove battery option. May want to read up on palm' site
    Actually, when I got my Pre through the mail from Sprint, it came with the battery installed and back cover on. I couldn't figure out how to take the regular cover off and toss the Touchstone cover on, gave Sprint a yell, tech walked me right through it. I can understand caution, seems like it would be extremely easy to break the retention clips on the sides, but voiding the warranty? If it don't have a big ol DO NOT REMOVE sticker on it, I'm taking it apart.
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    Apparently something odd CAN happen if you remove the battery under certain circumstances. When I got mine, the reps told me not to remove the battery as a "last resort reset" like we've all done in the past with "stuck phones". Didn't tell me what to do instead if the phone freezes though...
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    the vzw tech is a joke. you ever have one of their "solectron" techs help you? biggest joke ever! sprint instore techs are a hell of alot better then a vzw regional tech trainer! seen it first hand! vzw tech support eats baby food IMO!
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