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    ok yesterday I was trying to enter some dates in my calenday for sept/oct. Anyway I would enter two weeks of stuff in and then enter more,than when I would go back the original stuff I entered was gone. I am assuming it is something I am doing wrong. I am entering the info in next to the time and then I am clikcing on the information icon and hitting the enter key after I am done putting in the time and it highlights it green. But then its disappearing as if I never put anything in when I close out and go back to my calendar. Is there a save button I'm missing somewhere. Thanks for the help in advance.
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    Your doing it right, not sure as to why it isn't saving. Is it linked to Gmail? If it is, if you enter it in Gmail will it update on your phone or vice versa?
    I just reread your post, what enter key are you hitting? After you type in the info you just gesture back and it should show up on your phone.
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    well before I was doing the gesture and it was fine. I was using the actual enter key on the keyboard. I'll try it maybe it was one of those days

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