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    I lost my Pre in the snow on some slope in Northstar this afternoon. I'm guessing I'm probably not going to see my Pre again, the person at the lift said lost phones get found all the time, but I won't get my hopes up (I did lose a watch that fell off while snowboarding and managed to find it while I scanned the snow on my next ride down). However, it still is on! before it got lost it was on full charge with data and GPS turned off, so the battery should last a decent amount of time and I've called it throughout the day and it rings regularly before going to voicemail (aka battery not dead/snow didn't kill it!... yet!).

    Anyways, I just want to make sure that no one can pick up my phone and charge stuff to my account. I'll cancel it's service, but I was wondering if buying Amazon MP3's will charge my phone bill or credit card. I know that paying for apps in the App Catalog has to go through a credit card account (I did not have one so I'm safe there), but I never bought music from Amazon MP3. Does that work the same way the App Catalog does with a credit card account, or is my phone bill at risk? I guess it doesn't matter since I patched it to hide the Amazon MP3 app. =p

    Anyways, don't complain about all the small annoyances about your pre, it's much better than no pre at all =[
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    I'm pretty sure you can go to the palm website and lock the phone out by signing into your profile and saying it was lost
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    When you sign into your palm profile from palms website you can do a remote erase. So everything on your phone gets erased the next time its turned on. It would be like if you just bought the phone. Make sure you still have service in order to do this.

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