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    In the last couple of days I have noticed that from time to time the phone pad becomes blank. There is no way to answer the phone, be it via button on the earphones, opening the slider or clicking the slider. Only a reboot helps.

    Anyone seen it before?
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    I have not had that problem, but am wondering if something got corrupted in your files. That definitely sounds like a software issue. Have you tried the webos doctor? That will restore everything back to the way you got it... If you haven't used it yet, make sure you backup everything first - like your photos, music, etc. Go here for the link:

    Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals
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    I had the problem early on when patching first came out. If you use patches, you may want to try uninstalling those relating to the phone and then reinstall them.
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    my keyboard died yesterday on my totally customized, patched-out pre. i took it into sprint immediately & they ended up replacing it- they'd seen it before.

    as for the syncing of the palm profile-- i don't have some numbers for people that have been in my phone since day 1. Bummer. Why oh why can't we just export our data. It's our f*n data!

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