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    In the download link i found two separate dowloads. One for Srint ant the other for Bell. I would like to ask if there is one specifically available for Verizon.
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    Probably in the works. That phone just hit the streets, what, two weeks ago? Be patient.......much better to wait a week or two than get a rushed product that has the capability of completely trashing your phone.
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    WebOS Quick Install worked without any changes on my Verizon Pixi. I used the Sprint one.
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    WebOS QI is one program that is not carrier specific. WebOS QI requires a WebOS Doctor to run. It will run with any carrier's WebOS Doctor so yes you could use a sprint WebOS Doctor to run WebOS QI, BUT if you for some reason mess up and need to doctor you won't have what you need since the Doctor is carrier specific and you could have a termporarily unusable phone until the Verizon version of the Doctor is released.

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