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    My Pre will not turn on. I have plugged it up, i took out the battery , tried everything i know. Any solutions?
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    Bring it flowers for no reason... take it out for dinner.. ask it about it's day... u might have better luck turning it on that way.

    Ok... actually I would suggest taking it in to a Sprint tech and letting them take a look. Probably the easiest/fastest solution for you.
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    That happened to my wife today when she was at work. It took two or three battery pulls to get her Pre to turn on again. When she finally got it to turn back on she said her battery which had been at around 85-90% was at 18%. After she got it going again she was able to make it home without it shutting down again and I just doctored it hoping that would fix whatever caused the problem.

    If you find out what causes this to happen let me know. She has never had any major problems with her phone and has just one patch and one homebrew app so I am not sure what brought this odd behavior on.
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    Yea i just took my battery out for the 5th time and it turned on. Im not really sure why i did it. But now its been sitting on the Palm startup screen for about 10 minutes and just as i plugged into into my Computer it froze my whole computer then i unplug and my computer returned to normal.
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    I swear these phones have a mind of their own sometimes. Maybe try following the instructions in one of these two links to try and get it working again:

    How To Recover - WebOS Internals
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    Mine was doing the same thing for a while. It wouldn't turn on without multiple battery pulls, random shutoffs, and it took forever to restart.

    I don't know what the problem was, but doctoring the phone fixed it.

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