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    Hey guys.

    So I'm in the process of installing Preware onto my phone, can't wait to enjoy all the patches and themes.

    Began w/ the very first step: Update Java. I checked and the latest version of Java that I have is "J2SE 5.0" and not "Java SE 6". I began to search and search where I can download it, and the latest article I found was in the middle of '08, and it was only for 64-bit Macs.

    I have an Intel Mac that's 32-bit. Can I use J2SE 5.0 to get started, or must I find Java SE 6?
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    After more searching, I couldn't find a solution.

    Here is a better question: Is there anyway I can use Java 1.6 on a 32-bit iMac?
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    Are you running Tiger, Leopard or Snow Leopard?

    Tiger cannot support 1.6 Java, so the answer would be no.

    If you can run Leopard/SL, then yes, you can.
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    I'm running Leopard, 10.5.8 but it says I can't get Java 1.6 b/c I have a 32-bit Mac.

    Anyway to resolve this? I need all the help I can get.
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    Hmm. I'm not sure. Try posting on the apple support forum to see if there's a way to get around it.
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    I searched there as well, but got no help.

    Thanks anyways.
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    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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