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    I need to delete preware right now and all downloaded patches. My phone has suddenly crashed down with problems that make it barely usable. Can i just use webos doctor to get rid of everything or is there another way.
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    First, do a full erase from the phone by going to device info then click reset then full erase.

    Then run the doctor.
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    I would plug up to your computer and start up WebosQuickinstall. you can "remove all" from there. if you need more help tell me Doctoring should wait until you have exhaused all efforts. start by removing everything. reset to factory settings. THEN doctor if needed. I have had a few cases where i thought i would have to doctor, just take things one step at a time and you should be fine without it. I have always fixed my pre without doctor
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    Thanks, but when I do the full erase, should i then sign into my palm profile or do the doctor first? thanks again
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    Doctor. Pull the battery, then while holding the up volume button, reinsert it. That forces it into USB mode so you can go straight to the doctor without having to resign in.
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    I have just finished erasing everything from my phone, now what are the bad things that happen if you do the doctor, and how do i do "quick install"?
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    Nothing bad happens from the doctor, you do lose your text messages and call list, and the full erase WILL kill your pictures/music. The problem is, the patches are also saved to the same spot as the music, so a full erase does need to be done.

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