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    So it seems that almost everytime I go on the webpage, the screen automatically turns to landscape.

    Not only do I HATE landscape, but it also won't let me scroll to the top of the page to enter any other URL. HOW DO I EVEN NAVIGATE if I can't even edit the URL??!?

    Is there a patch/fix for this?

    1) To disable landscape mode
    2) To enable URL editing in all webpages
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    so it turns to landscape without you actually turning your phone?
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    theres a patch to disable landscape mode when the slider is open
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    Are you laying on your side?
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    there are patches to address your concerns, but your biggest issue is the webpages going landscape when you don't turn your phone. I'd be headed to local store for a replacement because that is not normal behaviour.
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    I can't find the patch for the landscape thing you just mentioned. Please post

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