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    I downloaded the Pocketmirror app just so I could use the task application. I don't do any PC syncing of any kind so the task app is the only part of this application that I use. I have to install the actual Pocketmirror app just to be able to use the task portion of the app. It turns out that you need to activate the full desktop application for $40 in order to use the task app....even if that’s all you want to use and have no intention of syncing with your PC. If you don't buy the app you can no longer add news tasks after 30 days (unless you uninstall and reinstall. I don’t want to have to do that every 30 days). I discovered this when I was unable to add a task and I emailed the company. Obviously I am not going to buy the app just to use one little portion of it.

    My ultimate goal is to able to create a task..."call Jon"...and have an alarm/reminder go off when I want to complete the task. This was essential for me on my Treo and as you know the regular task app for the Pre has an alarm/reminder setting but you cannot put in a specific time. You can only set the date and the remonder will go off at 12am that day.

    Is there another way to accomplish this?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Try putting the task in your calendar.
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    Not a bad idea...but then I wont be able to view all of my tasks in one place.
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    get the agenda app from the catalog. i think its free.

    edit: it might actually be in preware.
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    Use google calendar and add tasks. Then use Agenda like Zulfager said. It works like a charm. You can even set alarms from google calendar.

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