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    Welcome to one of the most fun phone experiences ever! Enjoy.
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    Thought I'd share the stats on the wife's new Pre, too:

    Got in store at Sprint
    Came in 'sunset box'
    Build date 12\16\09
    Not refurb
    Solid slider - actually very tight in good way
    Silver center button, not pearly
    Came with webOS 1.3.1 -> updated to
    TS works perfect, though was warm after charging and updating at same time.

    Looks like another good build for my wife along with mine.

    Gotta say though, that little charging cover is lame central. Glad we have the TS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flash4o View Post
    Also, I feel good about getting the yearly upgrade option with Sprint. If things go south with the Pre, I can move on to Pre2 or whatever else does the trick.

    I have Centro now and I'm ready for the next step. I'm glad I gave WebOS 8 months to grow, too.
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