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    So I am considering a Palm Pre Plus, I currently have the Motorola Droid. I just wanted some unbiased opinions!
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    Not sure if you will get many unbiased opinions here. I'll try to help. I have only played with a Droid one tmie for about 5 min. It seemed like a nice phone to me.

    the thing I didnt like about the Droid is the way it felt in my hand. First, that thing is huge. But it wasnt a very nice exterior design. I used some of the core functions and was a little turned off by the keyboard.

    I do like some of the added google features you get with the Droid though. And the larger screen is definitely nice to look at and use.

    Here is my reason why I love my Pre. Because I love it. I cant explain it. It is by far the best experience I've ever had with a phone. I love using it, I love looking forward to updates, I love searching through patches to customize it exactly how I like, I love going on to read up on anything new that I havent seen yet. The whole experience is just what I want.

    If your Droid doesnt do that for you, maybe give the Pre plus a shot.

    Do you have any specific questions about the Pre?
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    Here you go.... my unbiased opinion as a Moderator....

    Get the Pre.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unixpunkx View Post
    So I am considering a Palm Pre Plus, I currently have the Motorola Droid. I just wanted some unbiased opinions!
    Unbiased opinions about what? Look, they are different phones. Webos and Android are polar opposites in some ways. The Pre and Moto Droid couldn't be more different as you know. The Pre offers a smaller footprint compared to the Droid. Its your choice. I don't think that there is anything anyone here can say that will sway you. You should go to your local Verizon store and spend sometime messing around with the Pre. Maybe even take the Pre home for 30 days and try it out. If you don't like it you can return it. Seems pretty simple to me.
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    Having used both quite extensively I would choose the Pre.

    WebOS is a dramatically better operating system than Android.
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    So i have a Pre and My Roomate has a droid, we both got our phones the same week and are both happy with the devices. though both have features that if combined would make a great phone,

    I actually ran a battery life test on both phones yesterday, you'll get about 20-30% more usage out of the droid but will be evened out by an extended battery for the pre plus.

    The apps are better for the droid, but im sure that will trickle down to the pre, most of the well know ones are on both phones but Android does have a lot that we dont have yet. The virtual keyboard on the droid is leagues ahead of the homebrew one. also when the droid gets the 2.1 update a lot of the things that make the pre a lot better will be evened out.

    personally i think the droid is too big for you pocket and i just dont like the feel of it and come the summer ill be way happier with the pre when i dont have all the pockets on my jacket.

    also webOS kicks androids *** with usability and multitasking, i know you can hold the home button on the droid but having cards is awesome especially when on the web, the ability to have multiple browser screens open makes if feel like you have a computer in your pocket rather than a phone.

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