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    I need some help my PRE locks up at least once a day and I have to take the battery out in order to get it to work. In addition my email keeps asking me for my password.

    -This is my 4th PRE since it came out
    -I use to get a error message "Generic error"
    -Could not sync my Google calendar
    -I installed and un-installed the email account over and over
    -I have no home brew application or other things installed on my phone

    I contacted sprint and all they keep wanting to do is to exchange the phone. But the problem keeps happening. Aside from this I like the PRE. I attached some pictures of the email password error

    Any Advise
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    get the same message after a while when connected to a wifi without internet access (vpn or authorization required). with working internet connection, i don't have this problem
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    i get that message time to time. I just tap it and sign back in. must be something with yahoo server because all my other accounts work flawless.

    When you tap it, what application does it send you to?
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    Strange, wonder is what causing it, I don't think it's the Pre's fault, In the 8 months that I have had yahoo mail, I have never gotten that message.

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