View Poll Results: Does your Pre Plus double-type letters or miss them entirely, and do you see lag?

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  • Double-letters ONLY.

    78 7.93%
  • Missed letters ONLY.

    43 4.37%
  • Input lag ONLY.

    8 0.81%
  • Double-letters and missed letters, but NO input lag.

    183 18.60%
  • Double-letters and input lag, but NO missed letters.

    29 2.95%
  • Missed letters and input lag, but NO double-letters.

    41 4.17%
  • Double-letters, missed letters, AND input lag.

    434 44.11%
  • No typing problems.

    168 17.07%
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    EDIT: PLEASE ONLY VOTE IF YOU HAVE A PRE PLUS ON VERIZON. It has a different keyboard from the other Pre versions.

    I finally got my Pre Plus last week after waiting to do so since CES 2009. I find it to be rock solid in every way (good slider, no oreo, no dead pixels, very little backlight bleed, no yellow blotches, etc), except for the fact that it double-types a lot of letters and occasionally misses them entirely. This leads to things like "I liike m Pree" rather than "I like my Pre". I'm trying to figure out if this is solely a hardware issue (bad--replacement is the only solution), or if it's a combination hardware and software issue (maybe repairable with a software update).

    Based on what I've seen in the several threads started on the topic, this issue is affecting quite a few people, and it's affecting everyone differently in the sense that different keys have more problems on different Pres. Given that information I know that the issue cannot be in software only, because then the keys would all behave equally poorly.

    One final observation I'd like to make is that I think one of the issues on the software side is some strange input lag that I see on my Pre Plus. Sometimes a double or missed letter is preceded or followed by an input lag where the cursor will stop flashing and text will stop appearing on the screen for a half-second or so as I'm typing, and then suddenly whatever text is in the buffer will appear on the screen all at once. I don't know if this is actually related to the double/missed letter problem or if it's simply another standalone issue, but I think there may be a link.

    So, I want to know the following: do you get double-letters, missed letters, both, or neither? And do you see the input lag accompanying any of those three options? I see all three.


    A month and a half after starting this thread, my keyboard issues are resolved (actually, they were resolved a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to make sure before posting). I participated in the research effort by Palm wherein they collected a number of the malfunctioning devices so that the engineers could examine the devices to determine the nature of the problem. Throughout the process my case was handled by Palm's corporate customer relations team, and they are clearly a cut above the average customer service representative . The device I have now has a keyboard that works perfectly in every way except for the fact that if I don't pause for a brief instant between entering a comma and a space, the space won't register (a minor problem, to be sure). This device has a warranty date code of 2/5/2010. The feeling of the keyboard is markedly different from that of the original device I purchased, which had a warranty date code of 1/13/2010. The keys have somewhat less travel, but they feel more solid, like they travel in a more strictly vertical path, and they have a more reassuring "clicky" feeling to them. Most importantly, a single click of a key results in a single character entry; I have no double (or more) character entries or missing character entries.

    Now that I have hopefully assuaged some fears that the newer phones have the same problem, I thought I would point out some interesting and even amusing things about the process I went through to get the phone I'm using now, especially since my experience with various phones sheds some light on the keyboard issues. The story began with a call from Palm's corporate customer care after I indicated to HardBeatz that I'd like to participate in Palm's device collection. After getting some information from me, a phone was sent right away. When I excitedly received the phone, I discovered that it was not the new phone I was promised, but rather a refurbished device. The warranty date code on this device was less than a week later than the original one. It had a solid slider like my original device, it had very little blotchiness on the screen near the bottom edge, and most importantly the keyboard did not seem to exhibit the double-typing issues. However, the keys were extremely stiff and difficult to depress without significant pressure. I called back the CCR folks and explained the situation. They verified that I should have received a new device and sent another out immediately. This is where things became amusing. I returned from a trip to find the box and gladly opened it. And inside the box were all the accessories and informational pamphlets but NO PHONE! It simply wasn't there. At this point my case had been transferred to the normal customer care department, and upon calling them about the non-existant phone, it took a while on the phone before they realized they couldn't access the records of my case because they were corporate records. Finally I was transferred back to the CCR people, with whom by this time I'm on a first name basis, and they sent me a third shipment. Inside it there really was a phone, and it was a new phone. As I described above, the new phone has an essentially perfect keyboard. The only issues with the new phone is that it has significant blotchiness near the bottom of the screen when I view a light-colored background (especially gray), and the slider is considerably looser than that of the original phone and the refurb.

    It's very difficult to generalize based on my experience with three devices, but I would say based on what I have seen that Palm has gone through several iterations of the keyboard during their manufacturing process. The keys on my first device felt very "free" and had a lot of travel, but different keys had a different feel to them. The keys on the refurbished device (with a later manufacturing date) didn't double-type, but they were far stiffer to the point where they were hard to push. The device I have now seems to be the best of both worlds, and it's a pleasure to use.
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    The way this types sometimes reminds me of my old htc phones keyboard. If i remember correctly it was actually a software bug that was able to be fixed through a patch
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    I have a launch month device and have zero problems with keyboard input. My vote would be for you to get it replaced.
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    No double letters. There is sometimes lag when bringing up the sym-table. Most of the time it catches up and I can just continue typing, but sometimes keypresses that were meant for the sym-table just disappears.

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    this thing is so good, I can live with a couple of double letters.
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    I have a sprint pre (hacked to run on Alltel/Verizon) and ever since I have upgraded to I have had a problem both with double letters and missing letters. I also have a ton of patches on my phone, so I just presumed one of them was causing it. It only happends to me 3 or 4 times a day so I've just been ignoring it.
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    No typing problems on my Sprint Pre. Except the ones I cause myself!
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    I had a Sprint Pre and had no problems. I agree the slider, and certainly my service, is much improved but the Verizon PrePlus is making me nuts when I have to type. I too have missed/double letters and numbers. It seems that it is very sensitive to how I place my finger on the keys. Hope there is a fix for this?
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    I get double letter and no-response letters all the time so sentences come out like "Hey letts meet n the alley".

    the entire os is just unresponsive on this hardware. Phone app lags, power button doesn't alwys work and sometimes it just freezes for a second or two. It sucks but you gt used to it.
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    In the 8 months that I have owned my Sprint Pre I have never had an issue with the keyboard, love the way it types, really fast, alot faster than my previous VK phone. Has been a really dependable phone, very little lag, love webOS, awesome UI.
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    I recently became the proud new owner of my first Pre Plus about a week ago. I came from a Blackberry Curve and was extremely satisfied with the switch. I love everything about the Pre and what the device can do.

    I did, however, immediately discover that my phone issued the keyboard problem. Most notably, certain keys liked to include a little extra friend, usually with the H, E, I, L, and G keys. Those usually elicited a double letter. I strived to type without lingering on the keys, fearing that it was my doing perhaps, a second too long on the key. Even with lightening fast taps, I consistently produced words like Hii, or mee, or llook. It was very annoying. Also, the keyboard was very stiff and I felt like I had to really press hard to get each key to push in.

    I immediately traded it in for a brand new phone, per Verizon's exchange 30 day policy and was immediately happy with the difference. The new phone has keys that are bouncy and respond well with no double lettering. Go figure, I guess it was just bad luck on the first one.
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    my keyboard had to loosen up on thw space key.
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    I haven't heard anybody with a Sprint Pre with this problem. Its seems to be only the Pre Plus...I struggle with this alot. I get so frustrated, I can't even type a short text (<30 chars) without getting a couple doubles and a couple no letters. I am tempted to return for another but I wonder if it's just going to be there on the next one. My wife's Pixie Plus has no such issue. I'm tempted to get a Pixie just for this reason.
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    The biggest culprit on mine seems to be the H key with the double types or missed type. For the most part it is fine, However I have noticed it getting periodically worse during the course of the week I have had it.

    I have a trouble ticket in with Verizon for a texting issue, they said if it is determined it is my phone, they will have me do an exchange....hopefully the next device is fine. I will ask to type on it to make sure it is nice and springy, this one is a little stiff.

    For those that have the typing issue, are your keyboards also a little stiff? If you have no issue whatsoever, or yours nice and clicky? I wonder if the stiffness creates the issue a bit
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougFNJ View Post
    For those that have the typing issue, are your keyboards also a little stiff? If you have no issue whatsoever, or yours nice and clicky? I wonder if the stiffness creates the issue a bit
    My keys actually feel pretty good. If only they would behave that way! I have noticed that my worst key, 'C', actually feels a bitter softer and less clicky than the rest.
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    Thanks, everybody, for all the replies. Based on what I'm seeing and hearing I think I'll go the replacement route. I don't think these keyboard issues can be a software problem only because the issue affects different keys on different keyboards. Since the software on every phone is identical, that leaves the hardware as the culprit. It is possible that some better debouncing code could correct for the double (and even triple) letters, but I don't think any change in software could fix the missed letters.

    I'll be keeping the phone at least until December (hooray for cheap 1-year contract!), so I suppose I should make an effort to get one with a properly functioning keyboard. I just hope I don't trade an occasionally problematic keyboard for dead pixels or something else.

    I'll report back once I have the new phone and I know if it's better.
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    keep us posted...might exchange mine if yours works!
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    maybe u have a stutter and its effected your typing..... i dunno just a thought............ plus im stoned so i thought it would sound funny ...........where am i?
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    I have a launch Pre and recently it started double typing (it's actually more than double. sometimes it enters 5 or 6 spaces). Its very annoying. I think it might be a software issue because this jump in typos began after Maybe that's just wishful thinking because a software fix is a whole lot simpler than replacing the phone. =P
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    my sprint pre was giving me a lot of missed spacebars. switched to vz pre plus and get double letters most often.
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