View Poll Results: Does your Pre Plus double-type letters or miss them entirely, and do you see lag?

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  • Double-letters ONLY.

    78 7.93%
  • Missed letters ONLY.

    43 4.37%
  • Input lag ONLY.

    8 0.81%
  • Double-letters and missed letters, but NO input lag.

    183 18.60%
  • Double-letters and input lag, but NO missed letters.

    29 2.95%
  • Missed letters and input lag, but NO double-letters.

    41 4.17%
  • Double-letters, missed letters, AND input lag.

    434 44.11%
  • No typing problems.

    168 17.07%
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    I purchased the Pre+ last week and I thought it was just my style of clicking the keys that was causing double entries, lag and no letters. So, I'm glad to see more people are experiencing this. Perhaps, the people at Palm will see this trend and help us.

    In addition, my keyboard backlight seems to be dimmer on the left third of the keypad than the rest of the keypad. Is anyone experiencing this? Or, is there a thread out there related to this?

    Thanks for a wonderful forum! I've been a strong supporter of Palm products since the Palm III came out. They've got good stuff.

    UPDATE: (2/24/10)

    After taking my Pre+ back to Verizon on the 22nd, they toyed around with it and decided to replace it due to the keyboard backlight issue. For some reason, they couldn't duplicate the double entry issue but at least I got a replacement and all seems to be well! Great customer service.
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    So Palm says to take it back?
    Is that what I'm gathering here?

    Is there something that they (Palm) can do about it?

    I really don't want to take mine back. So that I can set up all the email and setting again and go through all of that again?

    When it is something that the company that manufactures the phone is aware of?

    FIX IT!!
    This isnt Verizon's issue, it's PALM's issue.

    I dont want a new phone, I want the one that I purchased to work!!!

    Maybe it will be in the almighty 1.4 update that I'm getting tired of hearing about.
    Or maybe they will update things that we all use so often like the fact that you can use the phone as a hot spot.

    I think they should get this straight.... now.
    Palm isnt the only game in town and with the competition thats out there, they aughta be keeping those of us that purchased their product happy.
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    I see a lot of doubled S and missed R, ever since the first texts I sent on my Pre Plus on Feb 3. The typing lag I thought was normal, I have had this on almost every phone I have owned.

    I figured I would wait for 1.4 and see if these would be fixed with the speed boost. So, I am not the only person with this problem?
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    I have a Sprint Pre and I got it replaced and so the Pre that I have now has these exact problems. I get the double letters periodically, but what I mostly have problems with is the space bar. Have the time it doesnt space when i click it, and then sometimes i get double spaces as well. The double letters is not a problem for me. The space bar not working is.

    Heres an example of what it'll look like if im typing a text real quick and dont look over before i send it.

    *Hey my Sprint Preseemsto bbe havingg issueshelp!

    its a little annoying. lol.
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    yyyou ain'''t kiddding.
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    I'm currently on my third Pre Plus. My first one had slider issues and keyboard issues. My second had only slider issues and now my third, I've noticed the keyboard issues again. The folks at Verizon are getting tired of seeing me, but I love this phone so much that I'm willing to keep going back to get it right.
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    I am having the same problem but only with a couple of letters. I have some input lag. I returned one pre plus because it was really bad. At least this one is not as bad. I find that if I type fast the letter doesn't double up. The L key is the worst culprit for me.

    my first pre plus skipped letters too, intermittently. The intermittent nature of this problem makes me think it's not hardware. Before accepting the return the vz rep said he opened up the phone to try to clean it out. It didn't help.
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    I had no problems the first few days with the keyboard on my Verizon Pre+. But about a week later my keyboard was double typing letters and missing some letters as well even though i was typing them; I can live with this. Other than that, its a fantastic phone and i wouldn't take another device over it EVER...well maybe a newer/future palm webOS device at some point but lets not get ahead of ourselves.
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    I have a new Sprint Pre that has the same problem. My old phone had an issue with the mic and the refurbished unit had a problem. They replaced that with a new in the box Pre. It is definitely an updated unit and my typing now has missed letters, doubled letters and added letters (a may get as) thought I was getting used to the new keyboard...
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    The place I've most noticed these issues (both doubled keystroke and dropped character) is in the playing of Word Ace. Until last night, I was blaming the app. (Now, I am not so sure.) I've gone straight from the Treo 680 to the Pre Plus and have only used the slide-out keyboard.
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    I was having the problem of double typing letters. I took the phone back for unrelated reasons (written about elsewhere) and this new one is not doing it at all. The keyboard actually feels a lot better to me for whatever reason.

    When it was happening it wasn't a deal breaker for me though. Love this phone. I couldn't type any better on the Droid, and interestingly, I watched a video ( ) where the guy was comparing the keyboard of the Nexus One and the Pre Plus. He made no mistakes typing on the Pre, and did it pretty quickly, but made a bunch of errors on the Android device. He ended up scoring the keyboard matchup a draw. I thought that was comical.
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    I have a launch Sprint Pre, and very very very rarely, it'll hiccup while I'm typing and suddenly a certain letter will get stuck in the middle of a senteeeeeeeeeeeee ... SEE? (LOL okay I did that on purpose on my laptop, but you get the idea!)

    This issue has happened so rarely I haven't thought it significant enough to report. But now that we're talking about it I thought I'd chime in.

    @adamworkman I know, right? Hilarious! I used to respect Techno Buffalo's reviews. I'm not so sure now.
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    Recently switched from Sprint to Verizon. Never had this issue with Sprint version. Glad, in a way, to see it's not just me. This was driving me nuts. I know I'm typing correctly and things were coming out wrong. Thanks for the poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vara411 View Post
    I have a launch Sprint Pre, and very very very rarely, it'll hiccup while I'm typing and suddenly a certain letter will get stuck in the middle of a senteeeeeeeeeeeee ... SEE? (LOL okay I did that on purpose on my laptop, but you get the idea!)

    This issue has happened so rarely I haven't thought it significant enough to report. But now that we're talking about it I thought I'd chime in.

    @adamworkman I know, right? Hilarious! I used to respect Techno Buffalo's reviews. I'm not so sure now.
    Hey, world's collide...I am used to seeing you in the twitter universe! Hope all is well for you. I tended to chalk mine up to user error since it didn't happen every time, who knows? I'm loving the Pre Plus. Thanks for all of your help in getting me started with my your blog, tweets and thought your response to @sachinag was great! His article was weak.

    Talk to you later!
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    Quote Originally Posted by homepre View Post
    yes. I have double letter input problems. I used to think it was me having issues adapting to a new keypad. However I've been carefl. Most of mmy problems have been the double key (and somes three). The lag only happens during launcher search...the first few letters get chopped. I'm not sure it happpens all the ime. I was typing an email esterday and it occurred multiple time in several words. However it hassnt happened much in this posting. Usually facebook and email.

    I might turn the phone in for another one before my hirty days are up.
    "hasn't happened much in this posting"?! Intentional or not: best post in this thread! When you go to the VZ store, please print this out and take it with you.
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    The poll results are making it look like this is a chronic software or hardware issue and it is not likely that exchanging the handset will fix it. Based on the poll, the odds are that your next handset will have the same problems (or worse). Diesel Donkey, did you exchange yours and does the new handset have the same problems?
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    I had the same problem. Multiple and missed letters in every sentance. It was so frustrating having to back on every sentance and enter a letter or back space and make corrections. If your a heavy email and text user like myself then I know how frustrated you are getting.

    I followed your steps Adam and it fix my issue.

    Here is what I did

    1) Powe off your Pre
    2) Hard press all the keys with your thumb about 10 times
    3) Hard press each key individually fast 15 times
    4) Power up your pre

    If this doesn't fix the issue then maybe you need to get yours replaced. This fixed my issue and I was experiencing this really bad.
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    I was a 6/6/09 Spring Pre user and never had one KB issue. Now first day Pre Plus Verizon customer with the aforementioned KB issues. I was told I could get a new replacement since it is <30 days old. Might be interesting to see if it goes away with 1.4 OS if released Fri as rumored. I think it might be SW issue, because it seems to be more common with certain apps like messaging and web but not so much with email app.
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    yeah, ive had this problem and noticed my wife's pixi plus doesn't. i thought it might just be a normal issue but I guess it's quite a common problem.
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    Just replaced my pre plus with a new one from Verizon. Still getting double letters. Really bummed. This is my first ever post, but I thought you should know that new phone did not fix problem.
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