View Poll Results: Does your Pre Plus double-type letters or miss them entirely, and do you see lag?

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  • Double-letters ONLY.

    78 7.93%
  • Missed letters ONLY.

    43 4.37%
  • Input lag ONLY.

    8 0.81%
  • Double-letters and missed letters, but NO input lag.

    183 18.60%
  • Double-letters and input lag, but NO missed letters.

    29 2.95%
  • Missed letters and input lag, but NO double-letters.

    41 4.17%
  • Double-letters, missed letters, AND input lag.

    434 44.11%
  • No typing problems.

    168 17.07%
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    If this were either software or a keyboard break-in period that would be great. I really don't want to exchange it again. Seems like the keyboard gets bad, I power down, run my thumb across the keyboard for a couple of minutes, boot back up, and all works well for a day maybe two. Then I do it again...of course I'm on week two with this phone so we'll see.
    If I have to exchange it, it will be my fourth phone and the first two I got had screen issues plus the keyboard. Now I have a great screen with no issues and still experience the keyboard issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sudarphani View Post
    I definitelly notice double and missig letters, but my prre is only 3 weeks old. I'm hoping this is just a software issue, especially since there have been so many users who've noted the problem only since 1.4 l'm goingg to try the keyrub solution, and post any results, positivve and neative
    I don't think it's a software issue if the key mashing technique helps.
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    too much ****... Your keyboard got sticky...
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    This is happening on my Sprint Palm Pre
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    I may just take my phone in today for a swap out
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    ok, just an update on this issue.

    I had the same thing when i first got my pp+ last week so I took it in to verizon, they swapped it out with one that had a green sticker on the front of it. The guy said that it was their new batch of phones, regardless the keyboard issue is so much better and the phone doesn't slide back and forth when it was closed like it used to. Maybe a software update will completely make it go away but i think its a hardware issue as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelkahl View Post
    I may just take my phone in today for a swap out
    I'm with you there. The key-rub thing I posted only works for a day or two at a time. It has to be hardware. It was coincidental that some people just saw the keyboard flake out when 1.4 was released because the keyboard just started doing it at the same time. You'll see people with the issue and claim it was update 1.3x whatever. It's hardware plain and simple.

    Quote Originally Posted by alfmoonspace View Post
    ok, just an update on this issue.

    I had the same thing when i first got my pp+ last week so I took it in to verizon, they swapped it out with one that had a green sticker on the front of it. The guy said that it was their new batch of phones, regardless the keyboard issue is so much better and the phone doesn't slide back and forth when it was closed like it used to. Maybe a software update will completely make it go away but i think its a hardware issue as well.
    So, are you still having the double-typing after the swap?

    And for anybody who can answer: Since i bought mine from Dell Mobile, can I bring it into a Verizon store and swap it or do I need to call the Dell Mobile folks? Also, does it matter if it's past the original 30 days or not? Thanks!
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    So I called and they sent me a refurb. It was GREAT. No double taps or missed letters. This was for about a week...then...I had a double tap i today. If this starts again, do I need a refurb every week?!?!?
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    Just a heads up for those with a Sprint Pre, I had installed the Quick System task app, and I got repeated letters immediately. I uninstalled, and no more problems were evident.
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    wow, i thought it's because i dropped the phone a couple times..... seems like a legit design flaw, hopefully palm could do sth about it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by curtdennis View Post
    Have received the replacement Pre. Was a little dismayed at what was NOT restored when I logged into my Pre profile. I'll have to do some battery swapping to get the file off the old phone before I have to send it back. The saga continues.
    UPDATE: Here we are a week later with a replacement (refurbished) phone from Verizon, so far so good. No double strikes, no strikes or wierd keystrokes that I cannot attribute to anything but fat thumbs.

    My ONLY beef so far has been the lack of what is/was saved when the Pre backs itself up. I guess I was spoiled by NVBackup, which esentially cloned my Treo 755p every morning at 3am.

    We continue to wait and see....
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    It's bittersweet to know that I'm not the only one this is happening to.

    I've been following the Palm Pre ever since it's original announcement and I waited *a year* to get it. When it finally came to Verizon, I was stoked. I ended up buying in on 03/29/2010.

    At first the keyboard seemed great, but I noticed some repeated letters. I thought I was pressing the keyboard too hard/soft. Now I know it has to be an issue.

    It keeps getting worse. I love the Pre+ but ... I don't want to live with this. These little niggling things are what ruin phones for me.

    So thoughts: should I try to get it replaced and hope it doesn't happen again or should I switch to a smartphone like the Droid????
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    My launch day pre + is doing the double type / missed letters dance as well. I tried mashing on all the keys with the phone off and it seems to help for 10 mins or so, then the keys slowly go back to doubling up. seems to be my "n" "h" and "k" keys the most.

    I also seem to have a bad keyboard backlight, the middle is nice and bright, but the left and right sides are very dim, with a few bright "strips" of light across the keys. Not sure if the double letters and bad backlight are related or not.

    I would like to get a replacement from verizon, but I am worried about the quality of the refurbs. I have babied my Pre since I got it, and it has never gone in my pocket without going in its cloth pouch (the one that ships with it).

    Will I see scratches on the refurb like on the screen or back plastic ? I hate scratches and that would drive me crazy. I do not have insurace from verizon so I guess I will not get a new unit.

    Any feedback on how "new" the refurbs seem I would love to hear. Or has anyone past their 30 day window gotten a real actual NEW phone as a replacement?

    Thanks !
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    I'm probably going to head to vzw today to figure out what to do. Last night during an email my n key got stuck and put about fifty ns for I looked up and saw it. My phone is only a week old.... WHY PALM!?

    I was a huge defender of the Palm Pre + to my Droid or iPhone friends but now I am starting to think it was a mistake. I didn't expect my 'honeymoon' to be over with the Pre sooooo darn quickly.

    Things I love: the browser, the form factor, the webOS, the touchstone charging, the camera, the gaming, and how the keyboard SHOULD be (jelly like keys and the spacing)...

    But seriously double typed letters and missing letters AND lag is just killing the experience.....
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    Hi everyone - I thought I'd just update you on what happened when I contacted the Palm support chat (for the Pre Plus on VZW):

    "10:59 AM Checking configuration...
    10:59 AM Connecting...
    10:59 AM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    11:00 AM Support session established with Snyder.
    11:00 AM Snyder: Hello Sara.
    11:00 AM Snyder: Thank you for contacting Palm. My name is Snyder.
    11:00 AM Sara xxxxxxxxxx: Hi Synder
    11:01 AM Snyder: I understand that the some of the keys are typing multiple letters or doesn't respond on your Pre plus phone. Am I correct?
    11:01 AM Sara xxxxxxxxxx: Yes, that's correct
    11:01 AM Sara xxxxxxxxxx: I bought the phone on 03/29/2010
    11:01 AM Snyder: Since how long you have been experiencing the issue?
    11:02 AM Sara xxxxxxxxxx: Since 04/02/2010. I think it is getting progressively worse. At first I thought it was my own typing error
    11:02 AM Sara xxxxxxxxxx: But when typing slowly, with two hands, it is still having the problem
    11:03 AM Snyder: Sara, it has been observed with some of the devices and confirmed that the issue is with device hardware.
    11:03 AM Snyder: Where did you purchase the phone?
    11:03 AM Sara xxxxxxxxxx: A Verizon Wireless store in Canton, Ohio
    11:03 AM Snyder: As it is still under 30 days store warranty, you can get it replaced with a new one for free of cost.
    11:04 AM Sara xxxxxxxxxx: Will they have to test it at the store, or do I just report the problem?
    11:04 AM Snyder: Go to the Verizon store and replace the device for free of cost.
    11:04 AM Sara xxxxxxxxxx: All right, thank you.

    Do you know if Palm is trying to correct the issue?
    11:04 AM Sara xxxxxxxxxx: Are there many defective devices?
    11:04 AM Snyder: Yes, it has been corrected now.
    11:05 AM Snyder: We have these issues with some of the devices and those were recalled
    11:06 AM Snyder: Here’s the reference number for our chat: Chat session ID number xxxxxxxx. "

    So at least Palm is acknowledging these problems, supposedly. The new phones are "fixed" but who knows if I'll get a NEW phone at Verizon??? I really hope they recalled all of the defected versions because I JUST bought a phone at Verizon. So you'd think I'd be getting it from the same inventory as before.

    Fingers crossed.
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    I have double input and lag, nom issed letters that I can think of....
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    Any chance this will be fixed in 1.4.1?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Any chance this will be fixed in 1.4.1?
    If you read the thread, you'll quickly understand this is not a software issue, so in short: No
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    Before I turned my Pre+ into VZW I decided to experiment. I started using only my thumbnails when pressing the keys... therefore pressing them a bit harder... and I was getting less double-entry/missed keys.

    Is this a fluke or is it the same for anyone else?
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    I had the same problem... Went to Verizon (inside of the 30 day new phone window) and they replaced it with a new phone. I have not had any issues since. It was the phone. Go get a new one! It is a whole different "typing experience"

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