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    I admit: I haven't called Sprint yet! However, I wanted to get a feeling from the forums' participants about its' dealings w/ the policy. Basically, do I have a case?

    Your advice I seek!
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    If it just quit working and you haven't physically damaged it, then it should be a warranty replacement, not an insurance claim.
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    the power button problem is a known problem and would be replaced free of charge as long as you are still in warranty or have insurance. Unless the screen is cracked or you have water damage you should be OK.
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    The answer is Yes there is an easy way to fix this and No don't waste your time with insurance or a Sprint store.

    See this post:

    Specifically look at "yordikins" post, he has step by step instructions. Its one of the most common problems with Pre hardware and easily the most fixable.

    I do not recommend using tape or glue however...use a tiny piece cut from a rubber band, although it took me about 3 times to get the size just right.

    Fixed mine 2 months ago and its working better than the day I bought it.

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