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    Since the last WebOS update, I haven't bothered to reinstall my patches using WebOS QuickInstall (WQI for short) and Preware since I knew 1.4 was forthcoming (it is, isn't it? ).

    However, I recall someone mentioning that the latest version of WQI (not sure if the latest Preware is also affected) does not need to have its patches removed before applying a new WebOS update -is that true?

    Thanks in advance!

    //edit: WQI's latest version seems to be 3.01, correct?
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    As long as all your patches are AUPT-3 compliant, then you will not have to remove them before an update.

    There is a File Verification tool in Preware to determine this.
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    I suppose there's confirmation of their AUPT-3 compliance somewhere in the patches description (either on WQI or Preware)?
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    What is the verification tool called in preware?
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    There is a log file in your USB partition that will tell you as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by richardschris View Post
    What is the verification tool called in preware?
    It's called Emergency File Verification.
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    BTW its WOSQI and it will only be AUPT -1/-3 compliant if you use v3.01...Any previous versions as the OP posted 2.03 will not.
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