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    I would really like to see gameloft bring N.O.V.A to the the Pre, it would be awsome and they could link it to the Iphone server as well, lets email gameloft and Palm until we get what we want! Or at least what I want
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    Just a suggestion, next time do a little search first. It's been discussed over and over again. I'm confident it's on it's way, just give them time. They've been doing a heck of a job getting us games since CES.
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    There's already been evidence shown which implies that its on the way.
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    Gameloft has stated that when it comes to their game catalog and the Palm Pre it's not a matter of what, but when. I'm sorry that NOVA isn't on the Pre as of right now, but it is most likely being worked on. Please be patient.
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    give it time
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    Although we love to have many applications in the app catalog that users are wanting. Emailing Palm is not going to get an application there or even expedite any process. Your best bet is to stay in touch with the developer to get the application there.

    Gameloft looks to bring many great apps to webOS so all in due time.
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    we all want it, but give it time. why don't you play some avatar instead?

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