View Poll Results: When will 1.4 really be available?

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  • Before Feb 28

    237 78.22%
  • Mar 1 - Mar 14

    23 7.59%
  • Mar 15 - Mar 31

    13 4.29%
  • After Mar 31

    30 9.90%
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    What's your guess for when 1.4 will really be available to install on your Pre?
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    March 1st at 12:01 AM just to royally **** off all the people in the anticipation thread.
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    I'm calling the 19th or the 22nd as the day it will drop. I don't think we'll see it on a weekend but I could be wrong, and if it's not here on the 19th I hope I am
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    I voted Before Feb 28 but I'm not to sure they wouldn't release on the 28th. Doesn't take to many engineers to hit the go button.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xome1983 View Post
    I'm calling the 19th or the 22nd as the day it will drop.
    me too, 2-22-10 sounds good!! And it's rubenstein's birthday!!

    well just kidding!!
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    I think between 12:00am and 11:59pm sometime next week between Sunday and Saturday.
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    I believe that WebOS 1.4 will come before the end of Feb. and Flash will come on, or near the release date of the iPad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ratchetjaw View Post
    why did i open this thread Obviously from the thousands of other bull**** guesses nobody knows
    You did specifically say, "What's your guess?"...
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    I'd say sometime between tomorrow and next Christmas...Merry Christmas!
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    February 30th we will have 1.4.x
  11. CoobeyMeyer
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    I voted for when I hope it will come, BEFORE 28th!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    February 30th we will have 1.4.x
    Well. If anything comes feb 30 I will personally give you a million dollars.
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    I'm going for 2/15....................................................................2011
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeksquadkid View Post
    Well. If anything comes feb 30 I will personally give you a million dollars.
    it could be a double leap year!!
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    Where's the option for "Yesterday"?
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    I agree that it will be either the 19th or 22nd. I'm leaning toward the 19th. Just a gut feeling. I didn't think it would come the 15th because there was too much hype about it. I think Palm is smart to not release when they will release updates because it would overload their servers. By not letting everyone know then people will only update as they go to the update app resulting in less traffic all at once. Just think of it like rush hour.
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    We'll get it next week.
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    I didn't see an option for my choice. Sometime After Yesterday.
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    Feb 25th.
    Rob Robinson
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    I'm going to say either next friday-sunday.
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