View Poll Results: When will 1.4 really be available?

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  • Before Feb 28

    237 78.22%
  • Mar 1 - Mar 14

    23 7.59%
  • Mar 15 - Mar 31

    13 4.29%
  • After Mar 31

    30 9.90%
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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDeep View Post
    February 30th we will have 1.4.x
    There is no february 30...

    Theres only 28 days
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    the first half of 2010!
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    as i said before!:


    22nd of feb,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinnabarcorp View Post
    There is no february 30...

    Theres only 28 days
    Well, you're 3/4 right...
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    My official guess is "Before February 29th". Now why isn't that an option? :P
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    I just purchased a pre and am running the newest version... But when the other versions came out did they give a concrete date or did they just come out of the blue? Also what makes and update go from 1.3.x to 1.4?
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    Sometime after Fat Tuesday
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    Isn't it strange that we had rumors flying around that there was going to be a Feb. 15th date, and ever since all has been quiet on the rumor front?! I don't know about any of you, but it worries me a little! Somebody throw us a bone!!
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    All they said at CES 2010 is to expect the update before the end of February, so we'll see. Another rumor says that it's been pushed back a week. We don't know, but its gonna be a pleasant surprise when it pops up.
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    Only Casperstar knows for certain. Too bad some douchbags ****ed him off.
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    Overwhelming optimism on this board with a strong voter turnout that WebOS 1.4 will be out by the end of this month.

    Let's hope the polls are right.
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    i vote that no one cares what day I (or anyone) makes up in their head.
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    There should be an option to pick "Who frickin' cares, it'll release when it releases, I have better things to do that sit and check P|C and hit the update button on my phone".

    Dang I am on P|C...
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    Please keep 1.4 anticipation dicussions in this thread:
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