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    Since getting my extended life battery (the 2250 mAh from Ebay) burned in I have been trying to analyze what causes the most drain. This is by no means scientific. What I have found, however, is the following (normal caveats apply and certainly others may see different results).

    While "idle," that is, with only background services running, one email account checking every 30 minutes, however often the calendars sync, etc, my drain will be between 1-3%/hour, or 20-50mA as measured by battery monitor. This is while logged in to Wifi and BT turned on.

    Listening to music stored on the Pre but using BT I am seeing 5-10%, roughly, per hour, or a little over 200mA.

    Anything using the Wifi *or* EVDO for any length of time (such as streaming radio or music) will chew through batter at 15-25%/hour, often well over 500mA.

    Neither having Wifi turned on (or logged in) nor having BT turned on (or paired, as near as I can tell) seems to have much impact on battery life.

    I also found that streaming radio but using wired headphones did not seem to be much different from using BT, so it seems that BT may actually be somewhat power efficient.

    I certainly understand that data usage will drain batter more than being idle, but does it make sense to be that big of a drain?
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    Interesting that just having wifi turned on has no substantial effect on the battery life.
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    While logged in to Wifi I have had estimated battery life of 36-52 hours.
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    I could see the music thing draining the battery down, cause I have my music playing on the pre and that really drains it down.

    Yeah that makes sense. I have the extended life bat and its about roughly the same on mines. I hope that the next update adjust this a bit.

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