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    I have a question I recently had a motorola droid after switching to verizon before they had the palm pre plus from my sprint pre and then was able to find someone to trade my droid for their pre plus. My question is I had issues with my pre plus where it needs to be replaced for keypad issues but i don't have insurance. Since I didnt buy it from verizon directly they say they can not honor my 1 year warranty . So is there anything I can do to have warranty on my phone again through palm because seeing how the phone has be out for verizon less then a month how can one say it isn't within warranty.
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    try contacting to palm with this number 877-426-3777
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    I had something like this when my sister had her ENV3 on my account. She traded for an ENV3 that was 4 months old and she had some issues and our local VZW store said there was nothing they could do. So I called customer service and told them what was going on and within 2 days I had a replacement at my door step. So I would call CS and see what they have to say. Hope that helps!

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