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    Hi everyone,

    I bought the Pre Plus not too long ago and I love it. Of course I have my complaints, but who doesn't. After a few days of use my Pre stopped downloading from the app catalog.

    When I click on the download button for an app. It acts as if it is about to download, but does absolutely nothing. The download bar appears, but it doesn't download. Any ideas?

    On another note... my Pre was fairly quick loading apps the first few days, but has considerably slowed down since taking several seconds to open apps. Any ideas on this? I know the Pre itself is known to be a bit of a lagger opening up apps. (in comparison to the iPhone at least)

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    Had the same problem some time ago. Have you tried cold-booting your Pre? Turn off / take out battery / put battery back in / restart / retest. Good luck.
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    Still no go, thanks for the response though. ... Any other takers?

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