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    I had the same issue and no ins but was coverd under warranty which is 1 year. Sprint store did everything for me. They gave me another phone.
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    I bring my phone in for a scratch to get it replaced. It's like getting a new phone every couple of days.

    If you're not covered though, you need to consult an oracle. She will then transfer you to one of the gods who will task you with several quests. Upon completion of these quests the Spartan spirits in your phone will then be cast back to Hades and your handset should work fine after that.
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    I want to take it to a sprint store, the only problem is that it happens at random all of a sudden. So if I take it in and it seems to work fine, I doubt they would want to replace it.
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    ah it's a smart spiteful spirit that possesses your handset. I'd still bring it in on the off chance that your phone will start acting up at some point in the store.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boggs3010 View Post
    Wow this happened to me also. I had to do a partial erase on the phone. It happened after playing NFSU.
    yea I had that issue had 2 perform the same procedure...then I called the priest lol
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