Hello all!

I am hoping once again that the Palm community can help with a weird situation I have found myself in. Also, I did a search on the forums but didn't find any answers so I did try to do that first.

I just got my new Palm Pre Plus last Saturday as a Valentine's gift. I noticed that in rare instances, I am getting a kickback message after someone sends me a text. It says

"Preceding msg modified, Media objects were removed."

And the person that sent the message gets a kickback text saying something to the effect that the user (me) "does not support enhanced media messages."

I have unlimited everything on my cell plan. I called Verizon but they seemed clueless. I plan to try tech support again.

I did notice that it seemed to happen when other users wrote a message longer than 160 characters and the message is broken up into smaller units. (Like msg 1/3, 2/3, and 3/3) BUT it doesn't seem consistent nor does it happen each time that occurs. Also, the original messages contain no media in them and I have tested MMS messages and those by themselves were successful.

VERY annoying. Anyone else seem to have problems of this nature and have any advice? Thanks to any help you guys have.