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    Just thought I'd share this because I found it amusing...

    Last night I was in a local mall and while my wife was checking out some "natural" makeup kiosk, I decided to check out the Sprint Store (Non-corporate).

    I was talking to the rep there - who happened to be one of the most knowledgeable I've spoken to about the Pre - and looking at the Pre on display. I had commented before looking at the Pre that it had been a while since I'd seen the Pre "stock", but when I looked at the phone, it had the iPhone Black theme on it!

    The rep explained that all the display phones are returns and that one came in with the theme "stuck" on it. He also said the manager of the store had no idea there was anything different about it at all.

    I can only imagine the surprise of someone buying a Pre after looking at it like that, then wondering why everything was so different. haha

    I also know that if I had seen that before anything else, I might not have ever bought a Pre, as one of the reasons I like the Pre is because it's not an iPhone.

    I told the rep he should Doctor it, and he said he would if got the chance.
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    Yeah.........that's why older display models were just mock-ups. Actual cases and buttons, yes, but the screen was a printed dummy. Was always amusing to hear stories of stores being robbed of all their small electronics. YOU knew nothing worked, but the idiots that stole them didn't.
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    Well the rep at the store also said he's been on this forum, so maybe he'll see this and chime in. haha
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