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    I have the Sprint Palm Pre and my wife has the Treo 755P. I've noticed on many occasions that when I have 1x data service, I have very limited and extremely slow internet connectivity. For one thing, my email never downloads when in 1x and my wife right next to me is downloading email to her versamail on the 755P and browsing the internet with relatively decent speeds. When I am on 1x my internet is almost unusable it is so slooooow. Can someone please give me some pointers on maybe some changes I can try to atleast make me comparable to my wifes Treo 755P using the same Sprint service. Much appreciated.
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    Does your phone say 1x, or EV? Because those are very different. 1x, or 1xrtt, as it's called, is 2G service, with speeds of 60-80kbps. EV, or EV-DO, is the 3G technology that will get you the fast speeds. If you're seeing 1x on your phone that is generally a bad thing, you either don't have 3G coverage or your phone will not pick up the 3G signal.
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    You might try a PRL update in your phone preferences. I have both a 755p and a Pre and the 755p gets much better reception than the Pre does sitting right next to each other. If your wife is getting the Blue and White Data triangles, she is on EVDO; if not she will just have the horizontal arrows in the signal indicator. You might compare the two.

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