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    Verizon Wireless to allow Skype calling over 3G this March Boy Genius Report

    Looks like for now it will be for android and blackberry devices only. The only problem I see right now is it requires a data plan and can't be used over wi-fi, but it is a good first step. Someday I hope I could just have a data plan and do all my voice calling over VOIP. I would say voice usage is a small minority of my total phone usage. Now we just need to get Palm on board, no reason why the pre should not be able to do this.
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    This has been mentioned in this forum already. Please don't make duplicate posts.

    I'll grab a link for you in a second.


    Oh, and it's not that we need to "get Palm on board", it's that Skype needs to BRING Palm on board.

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