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    I use one that was made for the old, thick Creative Zen 30GB mp3 player. I didn't see that armband still being sold. My guess is that armbands made for the iPod classic and video would fit.

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    i have a case for my ipod classic that i have used, but it's a really tight fit. like, really really. pretty tough to get it in and out. if you need to have access for much while you're on the run, it's kind of a pain.

    but, it is manageable, and better than nothing. i think that one for a iTouch would be better maybe, since they're all big and iPhone sized.
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    I run with the Seidio Spring Clip Holster holding my Pre Plus while listening to books. I wish there were a better way to control the Audible Player (which only runs under the Classic emulator) while running, but as long as I get it playing what I want before I start, it works great provided I don't need to pause. The holster also seems to work great. The Pre is smaller than my previous phone (an AT&T Tilt, which would wobble and threaten to fly off in its holster), and the Seidio holster has a tight fit suitable for running.
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    I'm just miffed that it looks nothing like the product I ordered.
    Palm Pre Neoprene Black Armband Carring Case

    You look at the picture and it's perfect. You have access to the touchscreen. The top is open so you can plug in headphones. It's just blatantly not the product they're selling.
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    Update. I called them, they said it was a factory variant and basically passed the blame on to the manufacturer saying that they didn't have anymore of the armbands pictured on the site so they sent me this one. Frankly I'd prefer if they waited to have it in stock to send it out, but I got a full refund and got to keep the variant. So it wasn't a total loss.
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