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    well ive found myself with a useless pre yet again (now my issue is a non responsive touchscreen turned infinite boot loop) and i need my pics off the device..i can only get in via it possible to transfer files to my windows 7 machine via novaterm? if so can you please explain..thanks alot.
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    Hi. It is litle bit late for you, but this manual can be helpful for other users... I'm in similar situation now....

    First, boot nova installer
    * How To Recover
    novacom boot mem:// < nova-installer-image-castle.uImage
    Then, publish internal memory via Mass Storage
    * Mounting Files and Devices as USB Mass Storage
    echo /dev/mapper/store-media > /sys/devices/platform/musb_hdrc.0/gadget/gadget-lun0/file
    After that you can mount it, repair it (f s c k .vfat) or backup ip (dd) directly from your computer....

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