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    So the last few days my pre just continually got slower and slower. To a point where opening an app took 20 seconds, or an email or a contact with about that much delay. Unbearable.

    I tried the WebOS doctor but couldn't get it to work, so I went ahead and backed up my profile, and did a partial erase. Amazingly, everything synched back up, i just had to put in my passwords to everything, and about 30 min later.. the thing is back to the original speed!

    Reboots just wasn't doing it for me.. partial erase is the answer for anyone who's got the dreaded slowing down of the pre.

    palm has done an amazing job with profiles. Even web bookmarks saved.
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    Did Palm profile backup and restore third party data?
    The data you've entered from app's you've purchased such as Tealshopper.

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