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    Anyone else having problems with preware? Had to reinstall it because it disappeared from my list of apps,now its not seeing any patches or apps installed.started with batt % patch not working.any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Today mine just disappeared too! I haven't tried to reinstall it yet though. I was hoping to find more info. I did have all my patches and theme removed though. I think it happened right after I updated it.
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    well let me know if you find a fix. My problem has gotten progressively worse.i did all the uninstalling and reinstalling,and now have a pre that only has a wifi signal.cant connect to pc and no phone or data service.
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    oh man...I hope that doesn't happen to mine. Did you do anything else besides uninstalling and reinstalling? Do you have any advise for me?
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    i am completely stuck i thought i had it all cleaned up,plugged it in to charge,and when i unplugged it is when i noticed no signal bars.think it had something to do with usb passthrough toggle but not sure.ive been on here all day
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    Try looking in the Preware thread, if you post your question in there, you might get an answer to you question:

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