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    also Id like a "tab" function on the keyboard to change text fields
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    Apple may have gotten it late but at least they got it right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmr157 View Post
    Autofocus camera. We will eventually get Voice Recognition, Video and Voice recording, Flash and others, but we are seriously held back with the fixed focus camera. Not sure if there is a soft ware fix that is possible, but without and autofocus camera, we are held back.
    Interesting. I've never been bothered by this before. I actually think the Pre's camera is amazing. People often comment that it takes better pictures that their phones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Consequence_9 View Post
    I'd move the usb-port to the bottom-back.

    and why would anyone want a glass screen? they're so easy to break it's ridiculous.
    Because it's much, much more durable and scratchless. You can keep it in your pocket with you keys and not have scratches all over it afterwords.
    I've had my iPod Touch for several years and only recently broke the screen. there's a long crack across the bottom. By the way, the thing that broke the screen would have done the same to my Pre+.

    The one thing I would change is build quality. I hate that I've only had my Pre+ for a week and the slider is already wonky and it creeks every time I type on it.
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    gimme 25% more batt life from the stock battery....and yes, i'd even give up another couple of secs of lag everwhere too for it!
    Palm Pre (Sprint)
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    better battery, eliminate lag
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    again, webOS is young and need the time to grow.
    that said I'm happy with it.
    less happy with construction quality. especially with the first palm pre tranche of devices....
    Much stronger hardware construction
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    I would change my Pre to an iPhone.
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    the freakin oreo effect on my pre...
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    if you could change 1 thing... What would it be?
    I would change or disable all these "if you could change threads"
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    desktop sync with full backup/restore/app mgmt
    I know !!!

    I'm just amazed how few people responded with TRUE FULL DESKTOP SYNC + BACKUP, just like we've had since the 80's !
    Palm V -> Palm Vx -> Treo 180 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 680 -> Palm Pre (busted) -> iPhone4 (awesome) + iPad
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