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    I just replaced my Pre for the second time in 2 months due to the external speaker going out. This time around, I am not able to connect using the webos quick installer. I put the pre in dev mode and the web quick os still will not see that I have the pre connected. Anyone seen this issue before? Yes, I did connect it just to charge and it acts like it is not there. I can connect as usb and it sees it find.
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    My advice:

    Remove the USB cable. Let the Pre go into lock mode, then unlock it (power on and use touchscreen to unlock). Put USB cable back in and try.

    If that does not work. Log off and log back in (on your computer). If that does not work, reboot your computer.

    If that doesn't work, search the forums for how to reinstall novacom drivers.
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    boot up webos quick install click on tools and open up options you should see attempt novacomd re install novacomd must be running in windows for quickinstall to recognize the pre
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    your cable might be bad. this happened to me. if you look at the end where the wire connects to the connecter, youll notices that it looks like alot of stress gets put on it. i also found this out because when i had my pre hooked up to my computer in usb mode, it would be working fine. until i moved the wire around then it said "usb device not recognized" and would lose connection. make sure your cord isnt bad
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