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    Hey all! Let me start by saying I am a knowledgeable mac and webOS user so you don't have to worry if you get technical . So I was having problems with novacom/term and deleted my opt folder in the Macintosh HD with all those goodies in it(thats not the first time i've done that), and when I go to WOSQI and try to do the driver reinstall, it doesn't do a thing. So, I need to reinstall novacom in OSX. Help is extremely appreciated.(especially cause I need to doctor my phone real soon here).
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    I know the sdk from palm installs the driver. That's what I did on my mac
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    Oh my gosh! Thats right!!!!!(non-senior senior moment) haha! Thanks! Trying now.
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    It worked! I feel like such an *****! I don't believe I spent 2 hours trying to figure this out. Thank you again, soooooo much!
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    no problem, glad to help out
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    this thread helped me with a wosqi problem, could not reinstall novacom!

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