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  • Bell CDMA

    2 20.00%
  • Telcel GSM

    1 10.00%
  • AT&T GSM

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  • Canadian GSM

    1 10.00%
  • Unlocked GSM

    4 40.00%
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    After getting fed up with my Centro crashing, I put it aside and bought a used Nokia E51, however this phone has some problems replacing my Centro completely:

    - Email is better than the iPhone, but still not stellar. Nokia Mail doesn't seem to co-operate with Gmail, read status seems to be out of sync, delete doesn't work and goes to archive and no way of changing it
    - No QWERTY keyboard, too used to one on the Centro
    - Serious lack of RAM, constantly shows out of memory when I only have like 2 apps open
    - Battery is horrible with push mail on
    - Browser isn't exactly stellar, tried all the built-in Webkit, Opera, Skyfire, can't seem to find one that renders everything properly

    So after playing around with different phones for a while, I have my heart set on a Palm Pre. Problem with it is that in Canada it's exclusive on Bell and it's CDMA, and I have something against them and somewhat insist on GSM/UMTS. Mostly to do with the fact I can't use data and voice simultaneously with CDMA, and Bell's service is less than stellar.

    So to get the Pre, I have several options:

    - Bite the bullet and get the Bell Pre. My contract is over this month so I can break from Fido, although technically I still have one year of data contract, but it isn't much to pay the cancellation fee, if they find out that is. I can probably take over some else's contract and get a Pre along with it on Craigslist or Kijiji, and since Bell is now HSPA as well, I still have the option to switch back to that. Downsides, I'm stuck on contract again, Bell has no GSM network, so all my old phones go to trash even if I get a SIM, I lose my bill by second with Fido, and lose tethering ability. Data also drops significantly from 6GB to either 500MB or 1GB. Upside is so far based on initial research I am saving a few bucks each month by taking over a contract. And I get the phone immediately.

    - Buy a Mexican Telcel Pre, RebelSIM and use it on Fido. I know B-E-A-S-T got it working with RebelSIM on Fido. However, chances are I'll never be able to fully unlock it, and I'm definitely on my own when comes to getting updates to the phone software, etc.

    - Wait for AT&T to release the Pre Plus, then unlock it and use it on Fido. Pretty much the same as the Telcel, but I am getting newer hardware (double storage, double RAM). I might be able to get this on discount, since my company is US-based and they have some contracts for employee purchase. But again I will need to find a way to unlock it, although odds of getting an unlock code for an AT&T phone is way higher than the Telcel unit. I can probably get this option by May, as in my investigation.

    - Wait for unlocked and use it on Fido. This is the safest option, however I will completely have no idea how long I will need wait for it, if it's ever coming. Although based on past experience, usually this comes a month or two after the phone shows up on AT&T. Since I'm not modifying the phone and it's sold directly by Palm, and I have contacts in the US, I can have full warranty on the phone for this option.

    - Pray for a carrier here to release the GSM version in Canada, unlock to use on Fido or switch over. Again, don't know how long this will take, but I suspect should be around the same timeframe.

    My main consideration here is my monthly, not willing to pay anything more than I have right now. I couldn't care less about how much the phone costs outright, I'm used to paying full price for no contracts. So if I stay with Fido, the upside is that I've been with Fido for almost 8 years now, so it should be relatively easy to get discounts and retention plans. In fact they might call me this month since my contract is ending.
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    move to the us jk. Umm I would wait for the ATT version or until a gsm canadian one is released.
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    I'm 'jones-ing' for a Pre too Toni--so I feel your pain, as I'm on AT&T. I currently have been using the iPhone 3G since it came out, but I've always been a huge Palm fan and have numerous Palm devices over the years. I was so happy last week when you found the FCC documentation pointing to a potential 5/10 release of a GSM Pre.

    I still have some months to go before I'd be free of my AT&T contract--end of July timeframe, so it'd cost me quite a bit to jump ship to Verizon. I've been thinking of "trying out" the Pre Plus on Verizon for 30-days so I can really use the Pre and confirm my thoughts that I'd like to switch from iPhone to Pre. I know Apple will be releasing a new iPhone sometime this summer--well that's word on the street anyway--so I'd really like to do my homework and compare the two before finally deciding.

    Anyway, that's my plan of attack...and although May seems far away right now, it's really right around the corner and I think you'd be best to wait until that timeframe to get a fully functional Pre Plus on the network you'd really like to have.


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